World of War Planes

World of Warplanes Brings Dogfighting to all Audiences

There has always been a solid and distinguishable divide between the regular gaming community and the hardcore flight-sim community. If anything, players who enjoy dogfights come from a very niche crowd –which is usually distinguished by the preference for complex (and semi-realistic) flight simulation controls, and of course, the use of special controllers for emulating cockpit controls. But there is no denying the fact that high speed plane-on-plane action is intense, exciting, and something that many gamers would appreciate. World of Warplanes may just be the game that actually bridges that gap.

Stepping away from the mold of JATF-style flight Sims, Wargaming (the same folks behind the highly successful) World of Tanks has branched out into the genre of flight based combat. Aerial battles have played very crucial roles in wars, and it makes perfect sense to make a game using the crafts available at that time. The result is World of Warplanes, a game that actually provides enough depth of gameplay (and controls) to meet the needs of the most austere flight sim purists, and still has enough pick-up-and-play sensibilities to appeal to the wider general gaming market. Regardless of which crowd you fall into, getting into this game ensure that you get to experience one of the most intriguingly fun aerial combat simulations ever.

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The online component of World of Warplanes means that you get to face off against challengers from all over the world (or on your local country server, depending on which  publisher you have an account for), this means that each match will be unpredictable and edge of your toes exciting. Getting into the groove of things is thankfully, a whole lot easier than with other online games. Much like World of Tanks, Warplanes has the advantage of having a game balancing system which ensures that you only face off against players who share similar skill levels (and plane specs) as you do. Losing becomes a matter of skill, not something that happens because you got outclassed.

Play World of War Planes: Visuals

The graphics are even better than World of Tanks. Since the ground level objects are not as detailed as they are in WoT, and the clouds are easily rendered, the developers have been able to allocate more resources towards making the planes look real good. If your computer can handle it, the additional lighting effects from the sky and the guns make the experience even more engaging to play. The audio falls a little short with its use of generic sounding effects and light ambient music –though on a functional level, every audio cue is crisp and clear, allowing you to make full use of in-game sounds to track activity outside of your field of vision.

Play World of War Planes: Action

World of Warplanes borrows many of its gameplay elements from WoT –including the team setups. Both squadrons will have 15 minutes to knock out each other’s base. The short fight durations ensures that no engagement takes too long, and of course, getting the goal (destroying the enemy base) will always end things a little quicker too. Oh, and with currently over 60 planes on the roster, having quick fights means you get to try more planes.

Since the game follows a free to play format, it is understandable that players can opt to purchase planes with real money instead of the slowly accumulated in-game credits. While better planes will ensure better performance, nothing beats having plenty of practice. So focus first on mastering controls in order to pull off basic maneuvers –then later decide on what you’d like to invest your money on. But yes, we highly recommend shelling out a bit of cash for a good aircraft once you already know what kind of fighter role suits you the best.

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