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World of Tanks is the first and only team-based massively multiplayer online action game dedicated to armored warfare, with over 150 vehicles from America, Germany, France and the USSR. Upgrade and customize historically accurate armored vehicles across unique classes that fit any play style, including light tanks, medium tanks, and heavy tanks. Use teamwork and strategy to destroy the competition across four game modes and geographically unique maps where tactics become the key to victory!

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Game Features

  • 15 vs. 15 intense multiplayer tank battles - Use teamwork and strategy to outwit and outmaneuver your opponents in battles where every shot counts.
  • Over 150 World War II era tanks from the United States, Germany, France and Russia - Historically accurate and painstakingly detailed, climb into the hatches of some of the most iconic heavy armor to ever grace the battlefield, including the T-43, Churchill, and PzKpfw V Panther.
  • Multiple tank classes to fit any playing style - Light tanks are fast and nimble, but lack total destruction power. Medium tanks blend armor and firepower into a well-rounded war machine. Heavy tanks are the ultimate tank destroyers and pack the heaviest punch with extreme armaments and firepower.
  • Four game modes - Standard Battle, Team Training, Tank Company Battle and Clan Wars.
  • Deep and engaging tank customization provides freedom in how you outfit you tank - Mount more powerful guns, engines, suspensions and radios to give you the edge in battle. Train your tank crew in a number of skills and perks to spot enemies more easily, repair on-tank damage, gain more experience, and more.

More In Depth Review

Universally Accessible

The very first tanks weren’t quite the competently-functioning, fast rolling, all-terrain monsters that they are today. Tanks would often break down, malfunction, frequently get stuck on awkward terrain, and were generally extremely unreliable, which isn’t an ideal set of qualities to have when manoeuvring across an extremely dangerous war zone. Thankfully, as time progressed, so did military research and available technology, and while tanks were never the glorified victory-vehicles that they are often made out to be, they formed a significant part of an effective offensive force and have since become somewhat of a collector’s fascination for World War enthusiasts and lovers of machinery around the world. The short, strategic battles in World of Tanks allow you to utilise an unbelievably vast selection of these tracked vehicles of warfare in a variety of combat situations across random maps and against random players. It’s not a universally appealing, but it is universally accessible from the very first moment you begin.

Defying Reason

World of Tanks is unlike most broad-scope war games out there. You don’t play single-player campaigns or story modes as a solitary character that can somehow carry 11 primary and 7 secondary weapons simultaneously. Gee, I’m all out of bullets for the mounted machinegun that I’m somehow running with; better get out the RPG I also have sitting there on my back, defying physics, logic, and reasoning as it does so. No, none of that here: gameplay consists of queuing for battles in which you are placed in a randomly-selected map against players that are just as randomly chosen, engaging in fairly short battles that demand a mixture of stealth, strategy, straight-up aiming skill, and cooperation with your team in order to yield the best results. Third-person or first-person, it matters not since you can switch between the two; the main appeal is predominantly the fleet of tanks that you can unlock, but they gameplay ain’t too shabby either.

Tank You Very Much

The selection of tanks available is the main draw of the game: 10 tiers of tanks are waiting to be unlocked, with tanks from several nations across a range of categories. Your starting selection consists of some fairly weak tanks like the Renault NC-31 and Leichttraktor, but as you gain experience, you are able to upgrade your tanks and unlock higher tiers of tanks, provided that you have the funds to do so. You can access your tanks from the main garage menu and can own a limited number of them, with more slots possible for unlocking during the game. From the garage, you can spend experience and money on swapping out your tank’s different parts with superior ones in order to improve it. Everything down to the crew of your mighty tank can be upgraded, and you can even purchase perishable items like the tank equivalent of a medkit to repair during battle and so on. In this respect, it is far more detailed in its field than games such as Skies of War 2

Good Guy Game

I was relieved to discover that when playing the online matches that you are matched up against enemies of similar tank class and power, which is very much in contrast to most online shooters where frustration is pretty much the only thing you’ll be experiencing if you’re not already incredible at the game. You will still find yourself being mangled almost instantly on a fairly frequent basis, though. The game offers 33 maps, a few more game modes that are unlocked at tier 4, and even some aesthetic customisation of your tanks. The premium players do have an advantage over you, which is a little disappointing, but overall,’s World of Tanks is an impressive, in-depth exploration into the throws of tank-based warfare. 

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