Warfare 1944 Game: WW2 Strategy

Warfare 1944: War Never Changes

Following the formula of its predecessor, Warfare 1944 is a highly addictive, realistic war-themed strategy game. The game is set in World War II, during the battle of Normandy. You have the option to either bear the flag of the U.S. Forces, pushing their way across the French countryside to launch one of history's greatest land and sea offensives or to play as the German Wehrmacht staunchly defending their homeland.

When it comes to Warfare 1944's controls, what you see is what you get. When you have enough resources, just click on a soldier's icon to call in a squad of that specific unit type. Afterwards, click on a deployment point and you're all set. Newly deployed soldier types will go through a cool down process immediately after being called to action. To keep the game challenging, resources are finite as well and will need time to get replenished. Efficient unit deployment paired with a solid strategy depending on a level's objective is really the way to go as you cannot just spam the opposing forces for a quick win.

While on the field, you may direct your soldiers by clicking on commands such as Advance or Suppress Enemy Fire. There are several ways to win a battle. One is to reach the end of the middle deploy zone, referred to in-game as "Ground Taken". Another is to deplete the morale of enemy squads. This is done by outnumbering, flanking or killing enough of them. You may also accomplish special objectives, such as destroying bunkers for an instant victory or simply defend your position for a certain amount of time when the level requires it.

New officers and Equipment types are unlocked as you advance through the campaigns. The experience points you gain may be exchanged for upgrades to give you an edge against the enemy. These range from extending training for your recruits to give them a boost to movement to supplying them with devastating grenades in battle. Aside from being streamlined as well as a few tweaks in terms of text, this feature hasn't really changed much since the first game.

If you're looking for a more challenging campaign, you may choose to go for the Hardened difficulty setting. In this mode, the AI is more aggressive, they hit harder and more efficiently, making quick wins near impossible. After finishing the main game, you may also create a custom battle using the difficulty, AI level, available resources and map of your choice.

With its realistic graphics, the Warfare series is definitely a looker. While standard net books may suffer a few skips every now and then when using the default setting, the game does allow for a lowered visual quality. Mixed with key sound effects that make its virtual campaigns come to life, the game definitely sets a high bar when it comes to the design of browser-based titles.

Factoring in Warfare 1944's top notch graphics, challenging resource management and multiple paths to victory, the game is no doubt immersive. Con Artist Games has successfully retained Warfare 1917's special formula, ensuring that fans of the original won't be disappointed. On the other hand, the game lacks solid new features in order to count it as a sequel. Look at it as a version 1.5 if you will, at least the tweaks do make for a more interesting experience.

Basically if you loved the first Warfare, you'll likely enjoy the second edition. If you're new to World War themed strategy games, we highly recommend both Warfare 1944 and Warfare 1917 for a challenging, fairly accurate blast from the past.