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War Never Looked This Good

Warfare 1917 is a realistic war strategy game that is set in Europe's trenches during World War I. You may choose to lead the British or the German army to victory by taking over enemy ground or depleting their morale. To aid you are specialized troops, devastating fire support as well as several stat upgrades. Use these efficiently and you may just manage to guide your army to a glorious victory.

While Warfare 1917's core game concept is highly sophisticated, the controls are impressively basic. Every command is just a mouse click away. Once you familiarize yourself with the game icons, you need not mind additional buttons in order to direct your troops.

We were certainly impressed with the fact that the game spares no time on hand holding. Right from the start of the first mission, you are immediately thrown into combat, giving a true taste of how things are in a war.

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Game Mechanics

Efficient deployment plays a crucial part in dictating whether or not a battle is won quickly or not. Players who take a while to decide on a course of action may find the nearest trench taken over in a matter of minutes. On the other hand, those who are able to make critical decisions swiftly may be able to turn the tide in their favor, fast. By finishing off the initial wave of hostiles in a matter of minutes, need only to take over their territory to win the battle.

Terrain elements do play a crucial role in aiding your troops against the enemy. Trenches provide a much needed cover against fire while barbed wire fences slow invading forces down. You earn experience points along the way which can then afford some much needed upgrades. These can make ally reinforcements arrive faster or give your men an extra ration of rum for a boost in morale.

To really pack a punch, you can opt to trade your hard earned experience points for additional fire support. These range from deadly mortars to nasty, toxic gas that obliterates all unfortunate units within its range. Every upgrade makes a dramatic impact on making your army more efficient against the enemy.

The eye candy is grungy yet classy. We found that the military-esque theme complements Warfare 1917's epic game play beautifully. Even the small sprites appear realistic as they move about the stage fighting for their lives. We also appreciate the fact that every menu item is properly placed around the screen so as not to steer away from the action. If in case the fancy graphics even ever so slightly slow the game down on your net book, there is a way to lower the visual quality in the options menu.

Instead of opting for a distracting soundtrack all the way, music simply pipes in during interims or while on a menu with sound effects dominantly heard during the main game. Though this may not seem like a good thing on paper, we guarantee that with the barrage of bullets zipping by, mortars blasting, and loud explosions topped off with rallying soldiers is enough to keep you immersed in the scene.

With high marks on every aspect, Warfare 1917 is truly a cut above the rest. The campaigns are immensely enjoyable, and they can be short or drawn out depending on one's skill level. The thematic style and realistic sound effects makes for a thoroughly immersive experience. For those who want a little something extra, there's even a custom battle mode wherein you can design your own mini campaign.

If you're looking for a war-themed strategy game on your browser, fire up Warfare 1917. When it comes to World War I strategy titles browser or more premium pc titles, it's definitely the genuine article.