Skies of War Extended Game

This is a browser game and cannot be played on your mobile.

Skies of War Extended – An aerial combat game set in World War Two

I Prefer The Smell of Napalm in the Afternoon

Whether you enjoy a big, hearty glass of napalm in the morning (and presumably, because you are drinking it, like the way it smells) or whether you simply enjoy engaging in fun and challenging ways to pass your time, you can always trust the man-made state of prolonged conflict known as war. Some of the most popular games concerning warfare and simulation of all things violent are predominantly first-person shooters such as Battlefield 4, Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, and the absolutely and undeniably classic Medal of Honour series, but what if you don’t fancy a first-person shooter right now or perhaps can’t handle the gritty, grizzly action?

If you’re after something more tactical and less land-based, then Skies of War Extended from Youda Games may just be right up your trench. Being nothing but a sweet, sweet wartime aerial combat simulator viewed from the third person, this game lets you pilot some of the most spectacular airborne machines from the Second World War as you complete various missions and unlock different weapons. No napalm in sight, I’m afraid, but you just had a glass of that in the first sentence, so let’s land our craft into the runway of this review, shall we?


As the name suggests, Skies of War Extended is pretty much an augmented version of its predecessor. The gameplay is almost exactly the same, with the idea being to complete a variety of missions in either story mode or single mission mode. Missions usually involve flying over enemy bases and destroying ground based targets as well as aerial offenders, with a frequent mission-ending act of dropping propaganda flyers in predetermined locations in order to seal the deal.

Combat Particulars

The interface of the game can be a bit fiddly at first since you must control the movements of your plane with the mouse, which your aircraft follows religiously as you move it across the screen, firing whenever you press the left mouse button. You can perform a barrel roll with certain aircraft by running your mouse back over the plane in the direction that is opposite to your current course. The all-important weapons are accessed by left-clicking on the plane itself; a series of hot-keys also allows you to perform some of these actions as well.

As you make progress in the game, you earn money and unlock different aircraft as well as increasingly deadly and useful weapons to arm them with. Aircraft range from the Focke-Wulf and the Belle Huey chopper to the C-47 bomber and the Messerschmitt. Each aircraft is capable of different levels of agility and also holding different quantities of weapons and additional items. You can arm your plane with weapons like basic machine guns  and air-to-air missiles and also ground missiles, an EMP device, propaganda leaflets, and even a nuclear bomb once you have unlocked it. You will eventually learn that the smaller aircraft are suited for combat against other aerial targets whereas bombers are less agile but have a huge number of slots that you can use to arm it with a variety of heavy bombs and guns. Luckily, you can land back at your base during any mission and launch another plane that suits the current combat situation.

Top Flight

You are unlikely to find many flash-based simulators of wartime aerial combat that are better than Skies of War Extended. The game has two modes to get stuck into that involve a variety of missions and huge range of tactics for you to explore in order to successfully complete each one. The game’s graphics aren’t overly polished, but the bombs at least make a satisfyingly deep thud when they make contact with the ground. Though the mouse-controlled movement can be a little fiddly at times, I’ve yet to come across a superior game of this genre, so I strongly recommend you give this one clearance to land on your runway .