Relic of War Game

This is a browser game and cannot be played on your mobile.

Relic of War Brings Pixelated World War Goodness to Browser Gaming

We have to admit that we are big fans of pixel style artwork, but only if it is done right; and the developers behind Relic of War most certainly did. This World War II era semi-RTS game is hardly anything you could consider historically accurate, but it is certainly a whole load of fun to play. The graphics are crisp, well made, and nice on the eyes; the controls are easy to learn, intuitive, and responsive. Best part of all, the gameplay is cleverly made with simple elements yet very in-depth unit balancing and deployment systems. It is rare that such a casual looking title would offer such hardcore elements.

To say that Relic of War is a simple browser game is undermining of the title's deep gameplay and extremely addictive system. You start out with a few simple units, basic objectives, and a mechanic that focuses mainly on how fast you can crank out troops. But a few stages later in, your tactics in unit placement and grouping comes heavily into play as the game throws in combinations of well coordinated (and heavily powered) troops towards your base and the battles go from simple to all out hectic. And to top it off, you will be having fun all the way.

The secret to why this game is getting so much praise from us? It stems mostly from the fact that the devs certainly put a lot of effort in making the game. Every element -the graphic user interface, controls, unit animations, gameplay difficulty/balance, upgrade acquisition curves -they are all so finely tuned and well put together that one cannot help but feel the "solidity" of this RTS game.

You get two factions -the Allied and Axis powers, and you get the chance to deploy troops and send them out to destroy the enemy bases. There is not much focus on historical accuracy, instead, you get a whole assortment of creatively designed troops that are not just interested, but are also fun to watch when they are sent out to fight. This goes double for special units that unleash plenty of awesome destruction on your foes (though you will have to shell out plenty of coins for those).

Relic of War also features a few in-game purchases that will allow you to unlock special units and base bonuses. While you will not need these to win the game -having the bonuses help (and you also get to support the developers too). If this got turned into a mobile app, it would certainly be a recommended purchase from us.

Aside from the pixel style art used for the game interface, backgrounds, and units, players get treated to a well detailed, Japanese anime inspired character artwork during the campaign missions. These character portraits help deliver the game's narrative and further add to the game's already plentiful appeal. One could only wish that the developers decided to add a special gallery mode for being able to view the artwork in all of its glory.

As with many browser games, there is a certain degree of repetitiveness to the Relic of War -especially if you are trying to earn a specific medal in a stage (most stages have three medals you can earn by performing optional objectives). These objectives tend to be difficulty based so try to gain the hard medals when your troops are sufficiently leveled and upgraded. Completionists will also appreciate the inclusion of this game feature and the incentives will make it a worthwhile task for all players to attempt.