Endless War 6 Game

This is a browser game and cannot be played on your mobile.

Endless War 6: More of an Expansion than a Sequel

Endless War 6 is a top down shooter game where players take control of a vehicle and fight off enemy forces. It’s visual and gameplay similarities to the previously released Endless War 5 make it seem a lot like an expansion than a sequel. While EW5 focused on the troops and vehicles of the American army during World War II, EW6 gives you the view of the war from behind Stalin’s lines as you control the Russian forces against the Germans. So this means that if you liked the previous game, you will want to play this. But if it didn’t please you, then do not expect any adjustments of changes from this one.

The most entertaining and fun part of playing this game (and the previous one), is the fact that you can round up a huge list of historical vehicles and see how they fare against each other. Obviously, the simulations are anything but realistic, but you do get a slight idea of how unique each vehicle’s role was and how it would have worked in conjunction with the other vehicles of the army. Not that you would be doing many grouped missions –most of the time in this game, you will be on your own.

Playing solo against a huge army is the basic fare of a video game and we are not surprised to see it played out here. The big clincher is that your vehicles are not all powerful and can be easily taken down if you are not careful. Learning to drive around, maneuver, switch weapons depending on the situation, and basically knowing where to place yourself to avoid getting into enemy fire are essential to winning the game. The enemies are programmed to shoot relentlessly the moment you get within their weapon ranges, and most enemy units have strong artillery or long range guns that will chip off your life if you stay in one place too long.

Finishing a stage earns the player upgrade tokens which can be used to purchase passive upgrades. These upgrades, once bought, are permanent and will affect all vehicles –so you do not have to just stick to one vehicle –you should change vehicles to adapt to the varying stage conditions as various vehicles have varying weapon payloads.

In the case that you are driving a vehicle with multiple weapons, the game will automatically fire at the closest enemy using the “inactive” weapon. This means that you always get the most out of your fire power (though we would love to have a salvo option or even a change target priority menu).

The music and graphics of Endless War 6 are quite close to Endless War 5 –except that this one has a bit of a Russian theme going on. It is not bad, but it is not an improvement either. The same issues that were in the previous game still persists; which means graphics that look oddly drawn, and a user interface that feels a little too messy. The music also could use a bit of help as it can get really tiring to listen to after the first few couple of loops.

Once again, we find ourselves almost happy but not quite loving this game series. Sure, there are a lot of rough edges that need work, and there are lots of things that need to be adjusted (like the hardware needs of the game), before it can be a truly good game. But we also appreciate the game’s honest approach to the gameplay and enemy balance. We believe that given enough time and tweaking, this series could lead to a truly great game later on.