Endless War 5 Game

This is a browser game and cannot be played on your mobile.

Endless War 5 is a Top Down Shooter with Teeth

Most browser games tend to be very casual in terms of challenge and gameplay –Endless War is not one of these titles. The stages are well planned, the enemies are relentless, and the satisfaction of finishing off all your targets and surviving till the end is palpable. Sadly, the game is hampered by a few visual flaws and performance issues –but not enough to make it unplayable. This world-war themed top down shooter boasts an impressive number of stages, vehicles to play, and enemy unit varieties to blow up. And yes, we would recommend action enthusiasts to try this out.

The game opens with very little instructions as to how to play –players are the basic information on how to control the vehicles, how to shoot, and once you finish the first stage, how to make use of the upload screen. Everything else lies directly on your driving skill. Movement is the key component in this game, being able to maneuver around while all other hostile units on-screen are shooting at you is a major skill that will pay till the very last stage of the game. It manages to a pretty good game for players looking for a bit of a challenge, but still manages to fall short on other expectations.

Performance is a big factor when it comes to browser games and our standard benchmark is that it should run on a netbook with little to no slowdowns. The reason for this is simple, if a game needs a dedicated video card, plenty of RAM, and a fast processor, it better be more than just a browser based game. The browser is a platform for games with low spec requirements –failing that, then it means that the game is just overreaching (the exception being most Unity 3D games, which are browser titles targeting hardcore players). Sadly, Endless War 5 falls under this category.

On a netbook, the game is a little jumpy and really slow. Expect the game to hold up most of the system functions so you’re forced to just playing on this one window until you close it. That said, the game itself is not so bad. The artwork is a little rough and amateurish –from the flatly textured illustrations, unshaded in-game visuals, and even the obvious Captain America shield in the loading screen; the graphics simply fail to be original or good. But it does function well. In combat, you can easily discern the particle effects showing attacks from you and towards you.

The music is repetitive and ultimately, tiresome to listen to. It’s a nice big army-themed ditty that starts out really strong and patriotic, but after a couple of stages, it gets old quickly. At least the game allows players to enable or disable the music separately from the game sound effects.

The rest of the game follow suit in terms of quality –it looks okay at first glance, but as you go through the upgrades menu or the map layout, there is the sign of a shoddily mixed-together title. Not to say that Endless War 5 is without merit, it is a decent and mostly functional game. The way the AI is scripted is something we appreciate as there is no space for errors. The enemy units will keep shooting at you as long as you stay within range. Overall, EW5 is a game that manages to put together so many things into a single tight package. With the challenge level and the attention to small details (like the individual stats of the vehicles), the game does well. But in other areas, such as performance and delivery, it suffers a few hiccups that could use a little work.